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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  March 6, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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her the citation that night, here's chief mcgraw with an explanation. >> the officer who made the traffic stop basically the only way you can charge for speeding, you either have to pace an individual and to have that, to do that, you have to have a certified celebrated speedo meter, which he didn't have and he didn't have the time or the space to do the pacing and didn't have the radar gun. he didn't have the proper cause to charge for speed. wreckless -- and taking that into consideration and that is why she was issued the citation today. >> all right, we did contact karen tolls' lawyer. they said because this matter involves a pending traffic charge, we believe it would be inappropriate to comment publicly on this matter at this time. the chief said the officer was in -- is in the clear and did an outstanding job. at this point, there is no evidence that the councilwoman did anything to try to get out of this ticket.
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laura, shawn, back to you. >> wisdom martin, thank you. >> another big story, three members died from a mysterious respiratory illness. >> reporter: tonight, the calvert county health department is investigating, trying to figure out what sickened the family and, within days, three of them were dead. the common thread seems to be the home in maryland where the first victim lived. today, environmental health specialists and protective suits went into the house searching for the possible force of the outbreak. the 81-year-old identified as ruth flake, got sick less than two weeks ago and died in the house. her three adult children in the 50s who were taking care of her got sick, too, and within days, two of them were dead. the calvert county health department said it appears to be a respiratory ills than is virulent and spreads within close contact.
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relatives of the family are stunned new with how quickly this happened. >> i couldn't believe, you know that that is going on like. this i don't know what is going on. i don't know if there is something in the house or coming in to contact or something. >> and there is some concern this might be an infection spreading in a community and from house-to-house and that is not the case. we have no evidence at this point that any individual have been infected other than the four individuals. >> and last night, the health department notified doctors to be on the lookout for any respiratory illnesses or flu- like symptoms. the school officials notified parents today and we're told lab tests are done. health officials do believe
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that this is isolated to this one family and they'll need a few more days to make sure no one else gets sick. >> we can understand the concern of neighbors living in that community and i know they're still investigating. is there any talk of legionnaire's disease? >> reporter: they haven't gotten specific with us at all as to why what they might be looking for. all they know is that this is extremely virulent in thence is error that it spread quickly amongst the family members. you have to remember here, the family members who got sick were all in close contact with the mother. at this point, the health department is saying there doesn't appear to be a greater public health threat and this is not something like the measles if someone were to go into a store or something, everyone else might be impacted. seems to be isolateed to the family and they're keeping a close -- any other family
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members that came in contact and they looking at the doctors, the staff at the hospitals and in ambulances to make sure they don't get sick. there is one bit of good news, the one survive sor improving, shawn? >> and that is good news. thank you. it's the biggest day on the primary calendar. supertuesday. mitt romney is looking to become the definitive front runner and keep the race between him and rick santorum going. virginia is one of 10 supertuesday states where voters will wrap things up or keep it running strong through the spring and what are you watching for? >> reporter: it's a busy night and let's start in virginia. and that is where mitt romney is expected to do well tonight and has a loot to do with the fact that it's a two-man race. rick santorum and newt gingrich are not on the ballot in virginia and that is because
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they're not equal tied to do so. across the country,ly week -- we look to ohio and that is drawing a lot of attention. keep in mind, no republican has win the presidency without winning ohio and that is important. and rick santorum and mitt romney are hitting each other back and forth with non-stop tv ads and santorum did very well in the midwest and a victor could seriously damage romney's campaign. but, you know, looking down south, though, newt gingrich is looking for his home state tonight and in georgia where he will be tonight. gingrich said if he loses georgia, it would be unlikely he would be able to win the nomination and that any candidate losing the home state would be weakened and that is probably not going to happen
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tonight. and he's up by 20 points and again, the big contests into tonight, ohio and tennessee, key to keep an eye on and with more than 400 delegates up for grabs, effectively, he could begin to shut the race down and put himself out of reach of the competition and they could decide to keep on running, laura. technically, though, romney could be up to an insurmountable lead starting tonight. >> and mitt romney can't lock up the nomination tonight, obviously, not enough delegates up for grabs and we want to tell you, too, this is a live picture of video here of mitt romney and he just voted. where is he today? >> he was speaking to the israel pact and there are 10 states up for grabs, you know, and we live in this age now, the satellite transigs and they have been able to campaign all over the country and go into the statesy that up for grabs
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at and not actually, you know v to be in 10 places at once. as we look at where this calendar is heading, they're going to places like illinois in two weeks. mitt romney is expected to do well there and in oregon and there are places where rick santorum could do well, and that is places like mississippi and alabama and from here on in, there are fewer places for them to put dents in this and as mitt romney racks up the delegates, he's close thor to that direction than anyone else and continues to build on the lead. >> thank you very much, tom fitzgerald. and super tuesday is a critical day and holding his first news conference of the area and -- year and to hit on big issues. jennifer davis has more.
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>> reporter: good afternoon, everybody. >> reporter: the white house aids claim it's a coincidence the president decided to hold a press conference on this super tuesday. the move allows him to share the limelight with gop presidential hopefuls as he responds to the claims he's weak on iran. >> what is said on the campaign trail -- those folks don't have a lot of responsibilities. they're not commanders in chief. >> reporter: they talking too casually about going to war with thrix lammic regime. one day after meeting with the israel prime minister, military force is not the only way to resolve concerns over iran's nuclear program. >> at this stage, it's my belief that we have a window of opportunity where this can still be resolved diplomatically. >> reporter: in response to the lingering houses crisis, the president unveiled new initiatives, aimed at providing mortgage relief and to lower refinancing cuts.
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>> and that is another tax cut. >> reporter: the president was grilled on other top campaign issues, including how to lower gas prices -- . >> and there is no silver bullet. >> reporter: and for the gop front run or this supertuesday. >> good luck tonight. >> reporter: despite calls from the gop critics to stop the regime's attacks on protestors, president obama said military deployment is not always the answer and that instead, the u.s. will continue to pursue diplomatic options with the international community. jennifer davis, fox news, washington. a possible cooling off in the fight over iran's nuclear program calling it a gesture of goodwill. officials say that they will allow u.n. officials to visit the secret military complex. inspectors had been banned from touring the site. many western nations suspect the facility is being used to conduct secret nuclear experiment. a charge that tehran denies. >> and we want diplomacy to
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work. we'll back to diplomacy with strong and keep all options, including military action to prevent them from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> and the defense secretary was addressing a pro-israel group with the remarks. there are growing concerns that israel's air force may strike iran first. president obama tonight pushing back against republican critics who claim he wants gas prices to increase. mr. obama said that no president facing re-election wants higher gas prices because of the hard ship it causes for american families. according to triple a mid- atlantic, the national average is $3.76 a gallon of regular, $3.87 in d.c.; $3.71 in maryland and $3.65 in virginia. education secretary arne duncan said a new report proves the country needs to do more to close education gaps between white and minority students. the report shows in the 2009
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school year, more than 70% of the kids arrested for school- related offenses were hispanic or african-american. and black students were more than three times likely to be suspended or expelled and teacher at largely minority schools, get paid 2200 less than teacher at mostly white schools, partly because they less experienced. >> and if we're serious about not just talking about the achievement gap and doing something about it, we have to close what we call the opportunity gap. >> secretary duncan said the way to do that is to make sure that experience and talented teachers have good reason to work in schools that serve minorities, make sure minorities service high schools and offer tougher classes for advanced kids and make sure discipline is clear and enforced in every school so that students can learn. opening statements got underway in the wrongful death trial stemming from the virginia tech mag massacre. an attorney for the -- tech massacre.
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the attorney for the school said they did what they thought were right thinking the first two shootings were a domestic dispute. the families of two students who died are suing the school and want virginia officials to be held accountable. the person charged with killing three students inside a high school faced a judge in juvenile court. t.j. lane faces a list of charges, including aggravated murder. the judge explained the case could be sent to adult court for trial and lane didn't enter a plea. he admitted to opening fire last week on students in the cafeteria of chardon high school. the motive remains unclear for the shootings. coming up, the latest on the developing story in the district tonight. the fbi raided the home and office of an important political donor. the potential fallout. and which metro station is the most dangerous? we'll tell you which tops the transit agency's list. sue. . what we might see in
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february and a real cold night last night. we'll give you a sneak preview of the warming trend on the way. a look at the forecast is coming up after the break. come on back. 
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. >> questions tonight on whether the feds are turning up the heat in the investigation of alleged campaign violations of mayor vincent gray. "the washington post" is reporting the fbi raided the offices of jeff thompson, a prominent city contractor and campaign donor. karen gray houston is in the
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newsroom to help us understand what is going here. karen? >> reporter: laura, there is a lot going on and the u.s. attorney's office is not confirming details, releasing names or locations. negotiate is it commenting on specifics. i did talk to a spokeswoman vincent gray's office and she said the mayor doesn't know what it's about and they don't have comment. the mayor is aware thompson donated to many campaigns, including those of two previous mayors. his organization chartered health plan is the city's top medicaid contractor w a $322 million annual contract with the district and his accounting firm is on 15th street and the post said they were raided by the fbi on friday and quotes the office that that was related to campaign finance. the post alleging that the home
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and offices of jean harris were raided. she did communications work for mayor gray's 2010 campaign. the u.s. attorney's office acknowledges that law enforcement activities were conducted as part of an ongoing investigation and there were no arrests and no charges were foiled as of this time. it's taken anons turn. what does it mean? won't to bring in fox 5s political analyst mark plotkin to help us out. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me, karen. >> and what do we think of this? the investigation started out with suleman brown. it's taking a turn that is obvious and we're not sure what is going. >> reporter: i'll tell you what is happening that i know, that people close to the investigation haveel to me brown is no longer the central focus. at that time, and you introduced him, he was alleging certain things the mayor was supposed to have done, and it
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was really the mayor's word versus brown, and he's got real credibility problems and that is a larger investigation and there is that paper trail. jeff thompson raised money for the mayor, and all of the dealings in terms of reporting how much he raised, who actually gave the money and this is a much more substantive and comprehensive investigation and more than he said and the mayor said. >> right. >> and this is more serious. >> people are surprised about the scrutiny and he's an elusive person and is shy of the media. he's donated to reputable candidates in the past and if the fbi is checking him out what, could that mean? >> "evening magazine" contributed to every candidate and every city council member but tommy wells and he's free to do what he wants and is definitely the political player
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and not only in giving money but raising mean and that is where they are looking. and all of the contributions that he gave and raised, sources say, they trying to document whether they were accurately and honestly reported. there are no charges or statements that he's done anything illegal or wrong. >> and -- . >> a political player. >> do you think the mayor's in trouble? >> this can't help the mayor. i mean the mayor, his best defense now is saying i was unaware of these things and when you get raids on the homes and offices of the people who gave to your campaign, of course he's got to be worried. he hired brendan sullivan, one of the top and that is jeff thompson, one of the top criminal defense attorneys, and supposed -- not supposedly, i have been told that he said when somebody comes to me and
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asks me to represent them, they know they're in trouble. >> and more to come on this developing investigation and we'll keep you up to date andty for your insight. and a new report from metro targets crime statistics in the transit system. metro reveals the deanwood station had the most problems with 67 serious crimes and with six arrests. and next on the list, the arlington cemetery were the safest and in 2011, compared with a six-year high from 2010. a beautiful day out. there a gorgeous afternoon. >> and it had to be chilly like this. i will take the sunshine any day and it was glorious out there. >> and look at how lois light it is. >> and i will take 49 degrees, what we had today and sunsheet.
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over clouds and 60. >> yes. >> the sun is energizing and this time of the year, can you feel the changing sun angle as we get closer and closer to the spring equinox and we did start on such a cold note last night. the guys, there were types around and had to get to the west. 19 to start the morning in martinsburg. 21 for dulles and into gaithersburg, and temperatures in the 20s all over and we did top out in the 40s, 49 degrees and that is a little below average and i agree with you with the full sunshine. it does feel great. the temperature right now is 47 degrees and it's going to be chill. i don't think we're headed to the low 20s. the wind direction is going to change and have that warning trend to kick in. we're 47 degrees and you don't have to get too far to the south and west to to find temperatures in the 60s and 70s
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and transported in our direction on a south wind during the date, later tonight and tomorrow. we'll talk about that and, laura, i want you to think hard about this and don't answer it yet and there is something special about the weekend that people will like. i'll answer it for you when i talk about the full forecast. >> and -- thank you. check the weather any time with the fox five weather app. go to the app store or android market. and coming up. temperatures -- tempers flare, a hearing for an accused killer and it's caught on camera. and the case of a murdered teenage girl takes a surprising turn. we'll have details. d
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. >> a strange development in the investigation of a murdered baltimore teenager. investigators suspended an officer for its conduct after the fatal shooting of the girl. officials are not giving anymore details. the 13-year-old turner found
5:26 pm
her brother hidden under trash bags under the home. a 12 and 13-year-old boy are volunteered with voluntary manslaughter in her death. they were playing with a rifle and it accidentally went off hitting her in the body and they hit the body. grief and rage boiled over in a massachusetts courtroom during a hearing for an accused killer. the victim's father and stepfather charged the suspects as he walked into the courtroom. police say jose santiago stabbed his girlfriend to death. she was a 25-year-old mother of four. they arrested the father and stepfather. coming up, the fbi steps up to the plate with a big reward after a former agent is kidnapped over seas. and did the u.s. military turn a blind eye to sexual assault? and the shocking details of a new federal lawsuit. and how forensic science could play a key role in identifying two men who went
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. >> we're following breaking news right now out of silver spring where a crash involving multiple vehicles has shut down a major thoroughfare. and this is in the eastbound lanes of university boulevard right now where all lanes are shut down. the one lane is getting by on the westbound side. we're told up to four cars were involved in this crash there and no word on any injuries and can you see traffic is slow- going in the area and this is on university boulevard. this is a major thorough fore-- thoroughfare and causing major, major backups and lots of emergency vehicles still on the
5:31 pm
scene there and that is as they try to assess the situation as they try to upright the vehicles and get the area cleaned up and figure out what happened here and we'll continue to eyeball this for you as we get it. and the fbi is offering up a $1 million reward for information on the kidnapping of agent levinson. he vanished in iran five years ago working as a private investigator and a video showing he was still alive was sent to his family and made public last year. >> reporter: this is a puffled investigators for years. who kidnapped robert levinson and why? no one had a clue he was alive until the family received a video in 2010. outside of the fbi's washington field office, his wife joined the fbi director in announces -- announcing the reward. >> thank you. >> reporter: show stood in
5:32 pm
front of thousands as the bureau announced the reward. a million for information leading directly to the safe location, recovery, and return of robert levinson. >> knowing that bob is being held against his will and not being able to help him has been extremely difficult for our family. there are no words to describe the nightmare my family and i have been living every day and i never imagined we would be waiting for bob to come home five years later. >> they received this video of the retired agent and kept it private until late last year. >> i have been held here for 3 1/2 years. i am not in very good health. i 78 rung out of diabetes medicine. i have been treated well and i need the help from the united
5:33 pm
states government. >> reporter: why is he being held is the question in at the moment, there are no answers. >> we speculated on that and for a number of years. we don't know the answer to it and there are a lot of theories but we have not been able to identify a theory with real information. >> reporter: the best information the fbi's been able to learn is that he is being held by a group somewhere in southwest asia. with that information, the u.s. plans to advertise's reward in pakistan and afghanistan, using billboards, radio messages and flyers. >> today we stand together to reaffirm or commitment and to bob levinson. we in the fbi will continue to do all we can to ensure his safe return, the safe return to christine. >> reporter: bob levinson is the father of seven children and he will mark his 64th
5:34 pm
birthday this side on march 10th. the fbi has had several success advertising large awards in that part of the world. another man who killed three cia officers and wounded two others was captured in pakistan following a tip and so was ramsey yusef in 1993. >> and hope that helps bring him home. thank you. eight current and former female members of the u.s. military filed a federal lawsuit claiming they were raped, assaulted or harassed and suffered retaliation when they reported the incidents. the lawsuit filed in u.s. district court accuses the military of tolerating sexual predators and discouraging victims from coming forward. >> despite -- . >> despite giving lip service to have with roe tolerance for sexual predators, the facts that the military has zero tolerance for those brave enough to report those victimized by sexual predators. >> the defense department can't comment on the lawsuit but that the military doesn't tolerate sexual assault and is taking
5:35 pm
steps to combat it. and an official is calling this csi the uss monitor. and this is a facial reconstruction of two union sailors who went down with the ironclad warship 150 years ago. 16 of the 62 men on board of were killed and that you were found in the toret. experts hope someone with family photos or a resemblance will see the reconstructions and give them more to go on. >> and that is go about forensics and finding out who they were. we narrowed it down to about four individuals. they're very, very valuable. >> and if their remains are never identified, the officials will ask the navy to have them buried at arlington national cemetary. >> did you see that? >> that is amazing. coming up, more trouble for paula dean. who is accusing her of harassment. and does soda increase your
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. >> is the chemical that makes cola brown causing cancer? the fda said not even close. the advice group, the science for interest accused several cola makers of using too much of the chemical called 4mi. the fda allows it at levels what is twice of what is in a 12-ounce cans. you is would have to drink a thousand cans of the soda to get the amount that causes cancer in rodents. accusations of sexual harassment, intimidation, and racism against paula dean. the former employee lisa jackson said that dean and her brother made black restaurant employees enter through a black door and didn't allow them to
5:40 pm
use the same restrooms as white employees. dean's brother regularly watched pornography in the office they shared and made sexual advances toward her. a winner of the third largest powerball jackpot in history came forward. and snapped picks of everyone from madonna to lady georgia. where can you see this photographer's work here in washington. and sue is back to tell us about a big warm-up on the way. stay with us. you don't want to miss this one. one.
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. >> you've had the best view of the house of some of music's performances. photographer mick rock has worked with many. can you see his best photographs at the w hotel in the district. allison seymour shows us.
5:44 pm
♪[ music ] >> he's a friend of mine. i, i connect to them in the mid- 80s originally. >> reporter: he has chronicled the evolution of rock music through his camera lens. capturing the giants in this genre. from iconic images of queen. [ singing ] mama life has just begun -- >> reporter: and david bowie. ♪[ music ] put on your red shoes and dance. >> reporter: to a very young madonna. [ singing ] >> reporter: and ozzie osbourne. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: they all trusted him and he got the shots. >> as being mr. logical. to me, they were more like -- they were more like creatures almost than people. i saw the magic. >> reporter: rock's 40-year
5:45 pm
career began when he was 19. and it started with a few pictures of pink floyd's sid baron. ♪[ music ] that led to a meeting with david bowy in 1972. ♪[ music ] changes, turn and face the train. changes. >> magical. i think david was -- he was a master of his craft, and i learned through protocol. >> he would become bowie's private photographer and that would lead him to other up and coming rock stars. >> i was one, lucky, and, two, i had good instincts. >> reporter: divine intervention never hurts either. >> and my name, of course. you know, you know, the truth, what can i tell you?
5:46 pm
>> that really your name? >> yes. >> and that sounds like i invented it but i didn't. >> reporter: he dishd about some of his images, not all rockers. this is truman capote and andy warhol for "high times" magazine in 1979. >> and they were -- and too drunk and couldn't get into it. >> reporter: there are several images of artists that rock calls the modern like cel a -- >> chanel monet and lady gaga. [ singing ] my mamael to me when i was young. >> the games. playing around and what comes out of play. and bono was playing around. he just did it and got it. >> and that looks like -- there later. >> exactly. >> reporter: as far as the best out there today, rock calls
5:47 pm
david grawl and the foo fighters the best. >> in terms of rock'n'roll that could be the best rock'n'roll out there today. the foo fighters. >> reporter: the shot with the tongue out was spontaneous. this one of debbie harry taken in 1978 was by design. ♪ music -- design. >> nobody was ever -- her look. look at her. even i looked at it and went oh, debbie, give us a big kiss. please. >> reporter: and there are several photographs of the man that rock credits with putting him on top, david bowie. ♪ [ music playing ] let's dance. >> reporter: he was a very long way ahead of his time. he was like the prophet of the new millenium, i believe. >> reporter: we had fun with the agelessness of rocker ziggy pop. ♪[ music ] >> he has no body fat.
5:48 pm
>> none. >> he's word. >> and --'s couple of years ago. i said to him, you look peculiar. you have no body fat. yeah, he said that i don't know. he said that is the way i'm built. ♪[ music ] singing i love rock'n'roll. >> reporter: and it's nick rock who took this picture for the cover of the "i love rock'n'roll" album in 1981. ♪[ music ] >> it was the perfect moment and the perfect shot. i got lucky right there. >> reporter: of course, he got so-called lucky hundreds of ties over 40 years. not bad for a guy who said he never planned on being a photographer. looking back, he said that it was his respect for the artist that made him successful. >> my loyalties were to them, not to some corporation or not to some publication. i wanted to please them. i didn't care what anyone else saw. if they loved what i had done, then i felt i had done the
5:49 pm
right thing. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: allison seymour, fox 5 news. >> hmm. >> very talented. >> indeed he is. >> and didn't intend to do it. >> yeah. >> and that is how it works out. that is the best people. >> sure did. >> very, very humble. >> and not a bad day outside weather-wise. >> i'll take it and agree. that sun is nice and hot and that is still daylight. >> and that is some spring. >> and we can feel the changes coming and it will get chilly quickly and some clear skies, dry air and the temperatures into tquickly this evening and then beyond that into the 30s and 20s. good news, not as cold as last night. on to the weather maps, i was teasing with you this earlier. this is what is big about this
5:50 pm
weekend. spring forward time, daylight saving time. no -- on savings, someone e- mailed me that kindly about 25 years ago. it's not a bad -- and that is on sunday and the sun will go down at 7:12 and enjoy it. we'll enjoy that until 712time. 47 degrees and temperatures cooler by 7:00 and down to 43 degrees. nine:00, 41; clear skies all the way through and at 11:00, 39 degrees. and headed again for the 30s and maybe some upper 20s in some suburbs. we're going to go from mid- february like today to mid- april at 63 degrees tomorrow. thursday, even warmer at 68 and clouds increase on thursday night and looks like we'll have some morning light showers on friday. maybe some sunshine before the sun goes down on friday to end the day at 60 and that is not a
5:51 pm
bad look. going through upstate new york and pennsylvania, clear skies for us and, really, it's a supertuesday across the country. we don't see anything big going on and no outbreak of severe weather, just some cloud and very light moisture. and this is the pattern the next few days. our jet treatment is taking the dip over the mid-atlantic yesterday and today and in this wake of the clipper and that is receiving the mild temperatures we're seeing across the lower state and going to push in our direction. we're looking for 60s and 70s and to the south of d.c. and from mid- to late week. starting tomorrow and into friday and that is cooler for the weekend as the temperatures are returning to the forecast. and tonight, inanely clear and chilly, again, don't -- mainly clear and chill, don't be surprised for the 20s in the suburbs. not the low 20s and with 36 in
5:52 pm
the city and on the chilly side. a nice rebound tomorrow and sunny, mild, and breezy from time to time. and a warm direction and nothing going to give you a chill. the temperature of 63 degrees is come should be able to get to 44 degrees. by noon, pushing 50 with a lot of sunshine and by 5:00, a little breezy, perhaps, and a temperature of 63. we'll make it all worthwhile, i'm quite sure and this is that future cast and how we're going to see things the next few days. dry tomorrow, the high pressure is going to slip off of the coast and the return flow around it keeps us mild and with some sunshine and not any cloud. the south wind is continuing into thursday and some shower activity coming and thursday looks great. and and they swing on through on friday and heavier to the south and where can you pick up a half an inch or so and on
5:53 pm
friday afternoon, washes the pollen out and they'll be flying the next few days and into the cooler weekend, there is a remindder. you will get east -- will at least get an extra hour of daylight out of the deal on sunday, when we go back to daylight savings time. set them back saturday night. >> sounds good. >> and -- forward, right? >> spring forward. >> and -- . >> teach the kids how to get on to that program, too. >> and that is some time to eat now. >> thank you, sue. thanks, sue. sickout. >> what? >> get your stick out. >> this is an amazing story. a weekend at the slopes that nearly turned deadly. tyson black and his friends were snow mobiling when they triggered an avalanche. and black was buried in 10 fight of snow for more than 10 minutes and his friends were
5:54 pm
trying to save him. luckily, he had a small pocket of air and he was able to breathe for the 20 minutes. after digging for more than 25 minutes, his friends reached him. we're told that he suffered minor injuries. >> and that is an incredible story. and let's check in with brian on the news edge at 6. >> do you wonder why the guy with the camera doesn't put it down and help out? >> die. >> and that is some good video. covering supertuesday, of course, in virginia and that is a different story in the commonwealth. no hype and where are the voters. watch how you drive around school buses in montgomery county. big brother might be watching you. history said that the kids on this field trip should never met. i'm beth parker. i will tell you how what is happening here might impact world peace. @@@@@úhd@h
5:55 pm
today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers.
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. >> how much would you pay for an old chicken mcnugget? this one is kind of shaped like president george washington. or at least that is what its owner thought. and it sold for more than $8,000. a nebraska woman auctioned off, get, this the three-year-old piece of chick own ebay and she was planning to toss the nugget. she would use the money to send needy children to summer church camp. my question is how come after three years, this looks like this and that is not moldy and gross? >> shellacking. >> and -- . >> what die to my mcnugget. >> e. and take a month but we know who won february's $336.4 million powerball jackpot and she's 81-year-old from cranston, rhode island. congratulations and she gets to take home the third largest jackpot in american history. she bought it at a convenience store when she stopped in to
5:59 pm
get service. the treat has a $210 million lump sum total payment on top and she kept the winning ticket in a bible after realizing she won and later locked it up in a safe deposit box. good for you, smart lady. >> and can you imagine? >> when you see people that deserve to win it. she sleeps with the bible normally. what a great place to keep it then. >> very smart. >> and took her time. >> she did. >> and she wouldn't want the phone calls. >> and -- . >> and that is true. thank you so much for joining us at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts now. w. . one day, 10 states and more than 400 delegates up for grabs in today's supertuesday showdown for the republican party nomination and a few hours left to go